Community Edition – Free!

The “Community Edition” of ObMimic is free for both personal and commercial use, subject to acceptance of its licence agreement.

To install ObMimic from the downloaded file, unzip it into the location of your choice and set an OBMIMIC_HOME environment variable to point to the resulting directory structure (or see the Installation Instructions for full details).

Professional Edition

The “Professional Edition” of ObMimic is obtained by installing a valid ObMimic licence‑key file into the “Community Edition”.

Full “Professional Edition” licence‑key files will be made available for purchase once the current beta‑test program has been completed. If you would like to be informed when such licence‑key files become available for purchase, please e‑mail us and we’ll let you know.

In the meantime, the following free licence‑key file can be used for evaluation and beta‑testing of ObMimic.

Please Note: This free licence‑key file is only valid for “beta” releases of ObMimic, and expires on 31st July 2014.

To install the licence‑key file into ObMimic, place it into the ObMimic installation’s /licence directory (or see How to enable “Professional” and “Enterprise” edition features for other ways to configure ObMimic to recognise the licence‑key file).

Enterprise Edition

The “Enterprise Edition” of ObMimic is not yet available, but our current plan is to make it available for purchase alongside the final 1.0 release of the “Community” and “Professional” editions, once the current beta‑test program has been completed.

In the meantime, the documentation provided on this website includes the current drafts of the Enterprise Edition’s “Read Me” document and the ObMimic Enterprise Edition Licence Agreement.

If you’re interested in the Enterprise Edition of ObMimic and would like to make an early purchase at a discounted price, or would like to be informed when it becomes fully available, please e‑mail us. If you have any other questions about the Enterprise Edition of ObMimic, please contact us via our ObMimic Enterprise Edition discussion forum.