ObMimic is available in a free “Community Edition”; a “Professional Edition” with additional features and per-user licencing; and an “Enterprise Edition” that provides full source code together with a licence for up to 100 users, as follows:



Source Code?







£87 (GBP) per user



£3700 (GBP) per 100 users

All prices are in pounds sterling (GBP) and are shown exclusive of any EU VAT or other taxes that might have to be added for particular orders (as explained in our Terms & Conditions of Sale).

For a detailed list of each edition’s features, refer to the Features page.

Community Edition

The “Community Edition” of ObMimic provides the basic ObMimic facilities. It is available as a free download, with no need to purchase anything or register anywhere.

Whilst it lacks some specific features that are restricted to the “Professional Edition” and “Enterprise Edition”, it does provide most of the main ObMimic facilities and is intended to be genuinely useful in its own right. For a complete outline of the “Community Edition”s features, refer to the All Editions section of the “Features” page.

To obtain the “Community Edition” you just need to accept its Licence Agreement and download its zip archive from the Download page.

Professional Edition

The “Professional Edition” adds a number of significant features on top of those provided by the “Community Edition”, including:

  • Control over which version of the Servlet API is simulated;
  • Control over how various ambiguities in the Servlet API should be treated (as often necessary, for example, to successfully run various higher‑level frameworks such as JSF on top of ObMimic);
  • The ability to record a history of the Servlet API calls made to individual Servlet API objects, for subsequent examination.
  • The ability to use listeners to actively intercept Servlet API calls to individual Servlet API objects, including the ability to inspect and modify such calls and their results as they occur.

For a more complete outline of the “Professional Edition” features, refer to the Additional Professional Edition Features section of the “Features” page.

To obtain the “Professional Edition” of ObMimic, you need to add a suitable “licence‑key file” into an ObMimic “Community Edition” installation’s “licence” directory (or otherwise configure ObMimic to use the licence‑key file, as explained in the relevant How To guide).

Price is £87 (approximately 115 USD / 97 EUR as of September 2017) for each single‑user licence‑key file, with our policy towards updates being as outlined in Updates below.

For evaluation purposes a free but time-limited “Professional Edition” licence‑key file is available from the Download page (with the current evaluation licence having an expiry date of 31st December 2017).

Full, non‑expiring single-user “Professional Edition” licence‑key files can be purchased via the Buy ObMimic Licences page.

Enterprise Edition

The “Enterprise Edition” provides you with:

  • The full source code for ObMimic, together with a comprehensive set of tests for that code and a corresponding Ant build script (together with a properties file through which it can be configured);
  • A licence‑key file that entitles up to 100 users to make use of the “Professional Edition” features;
  • Prioritized support from OpenBrace.

For a more complete description of the “Enterprise Edition” features, refer to the Additional Enterprise Edition Features section of the “Features” page.

This edition of ObMimic is appropriate if:

  • You want to have your own copy of the ObMimic source code as a safeguard against any dependency on OpenBrace for ongoing support and updates;
  • Or you need to make ObMimic available to a significant number of users (as it offers a significant discount for large numbers of users compared to the cost of individual “Professional Edition” licence‑key files, whilst also avoiding the need to keep track of the exact number of users);
  • Or you wish to make your own adjustments or customisations to ObMimic.

Note that the “Enterprise Edition” is subject to the ObMimic Enterprise Edition Licence Agreement, and in particular this permits the use and customisation of the ObMimic source code for your own internal use but does not permit redistribution of the code or of any resulting variant of ObMimic.

Pricing is £3700 (approximately 4,900 USD / 4,100 EUR as of September 2017) for each 100‑user licence, with our policy towards updates being as outlined in Updates below.

The “Enterprise Edition” can be purchased via the Buy ObMimic Licences page.


Every “Professional Edition” and “Enterprise Edition” purchase is valid in perpetuity for the version of ObMimic that was current at the time of purchase, and also for:

  • Any later releases that are subsequently published within one year of the purchase date;
  • Any other later releases that still have the same “major” version number;
  • All earlier releases.

Existing users will also be offered a 50% discount on all updates of licences for later “major” versions.