OpenBrace Limited is committed to safeguarding the privacy of our customers and website visitors, and makes only very limited use of “cookies” for the sole purpose of enabling the correct operation of the OpenBrace website.

This policy outlines what cookies are, and how they are used by the OpenBrace website.

Last updated: 05 Oct 2015

1  Background

“Cookies” are small pieces of information sent by a website to a web browser and stored by the web browser on the user’s computer. The information is then sent back to the website each time the web browser requests a page or other resource from the website, submits information to the website, or otherwise communicates with it.

In general, such “cookies” have many uses, some of which are strictly necessary and entirely innocent, and some of which you may find undesirable.

At their simplest, cookies enable a website to remember where it is in its conversation with the user (in particular, to identify which user each incoming request has been sent by, so that the website can recognise that request as part of an ongoing conversation with that particular user). However, they are also used by some websites as a way of tracking and collating data across multiple websites and services, possibly even making this information available to other websites, companies and services (for example, to track which websites you have visited and show targeted advertising based on this).

Most web‑browser software provides its users with facilities for restricting which cookies they will accept, and for viewing and deleting cookies. Other tools are also available to control the use of cookies. Restricting the use of cookies may, however, impact your ability to use some websites or particular features within them.

To find out more about cookies, including how to see what cookies have been set and how to manage and delete them, see (for example)

Note also that within the European Union, the use of cookies is subject to legislative restrictions and requirements.

2  OpenBrace’s Use of Cookies

OpenBrace Limited aims to limit its use of website cookies as far is reasonably practicable, and to use cookies only for the purpose of enabling the correct operation of the OpenBrace website.

In particular, the OpenBrace website (including its discussion forums):

  • Does not use any “persistent” or “tracking” cookies;
  • Will not send you, update, access, or otherwise make use of any “third‑party” cookies (which could potentially pass information between this website and other websites or services).

The OpenBrace website may, however, make use of one or more “session” cookies to keep track of your interaction with this website whilst you are using it. The cookie or cookies used for this purpose do not contain any personal information about you and cannot be used to directly identify you. Web browsers are not supposed to permit any other websites or services to access these cookies, and are supposed to delete them automatically when you close the browser.

Specifically, this website currently uses the following cookies:

This website (including its discussion forums) will not use any other cookies without first obtaining your explicit consent.

3  Contact

If you have any questions about this website’s use of cookies, please contact us via the OpenBrace website discussion forum, or by e‑mail at, or by post at:

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