ObMimic Bug Reporting

An up‑to‑date official list of currently‑known ObMimic bugs can be found at https://openbrace.16bugs.com/projects/3203/bugs.

To report a suspected bug or discuss an existing bug report, please use the ObMimic Bugs discussion forum. We will investigate and respond as appropriate, and raise or update a formal bug report where necessary.

ObMimic Support

For technical queries, feature requests, or to obtain any other such support for ObMimic, we recommend that you use the relevant OpenBrace Discussion Forum. We monitor and participate in these forums, and they are normally the fastest and most effective way to contact us about such matters. They also include “private messaging” facilities if you wish to contact us without posting a message in public.

Alternatively, you can contact us directly by e‑mail at the addresses given on the Contact Us page.

Priority will be given to “Enterprise Edition” customers. Additional support facilities for “Enterprise Edition” customers may also be introduced in future. Please refer to the Enterprise Edition Support page for details.

Website Issues

To report any problems or queries relating to this website, please contact us either via the appropriate OpenBrace Discussion Forum or directly at admin@openbrace.com.

Business and Other Issues

For any business‑related queries, or to raise any other more general enquiries, or to make a complaint, please contact us directly at enquiries@openbrace.com or management@openbrace.com — or in writing to the postal address shown on the Contact Us page.